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InStyle beauty editors recommend readers use Amalou Skin to help treat pregnancy related acne.

Rave Review // Tracy Anderson

"I have become obsessed with this wonderfully focused line of skincare  during my pregnancy, and my face has never been more clear or alive.  Amalou is skincare designed for pregnancy and it not only totally safe for pregnant women to use, but it is also incredibly kind to your skin."

Glowing User Feedback 

"This is the best skincare I've ever used.  Hands down.  Pregnant or not.  I'm in my second pregnancy and just finished my first week of Amalou products.  My skin has never looked or felt better.  I'm a product junkie, have spent tons of money on every brand out there & I'm so happy I found Amalou. Bravo!  Will be ordering more and continue even after my pregnancy..."  - Kimberly





"I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I LOVE your products!!!  I have always had problematic skin and when I got pregnant, I had to stop using all my prescribed acne went from bad to worse.  I tried numerous products (even those specifically formulated for pregnancy) and nothing helped.  I have only been using your products for a couple of weeks but already my skin has improved dramatically.  My husband comments on how great my skin is looking almost daily and my self-esteem is much improved.  I will definitely be a repeat customer (even after pregnancy).  Thank you!! - Jen

"I started using your products during my second trimester and my skin completely turned around.  I had terrible cystic, high school grade acne during my first trimester and within two weeks of using your products, my skin cleared up immensely.  Yes I still get the random guy every now and then, but its NOTHING compared to what my skin looked like at first.  My melasma around my eyes has even lightened and I know its due to Amalou. I swear by these products and tell all my pregnant friends about them.  My skin thanks you!" - Erin

"I just wanted to let you know that your skin care line has been working great for me.  I'm not pregnant but have been doing infertility treatments for the past year.  Before using your products, my skin was terrible from all of the hormone medications I was taking.  I was getting cysts on a monthly basis that would only go away with cortisone injections.  Since starting the Amalou regimen, I haven't gotten a single cyst and my skin is much better.  With all the stress of infertility, not having to worry about my skin has been a great blessing.  Thanks Amalou!" - Laura

"I don't normally do this but I felt I needed to let you know how please I am with your product!  I'm actually about 3 months postpartum but have struggled with acne my whole life.  I've always been hesitant trying new skin products in fear of making the problem worse...I have never been happier with my skin than I am right now. It's the softest and smoothest it's ever been, and I can't believe it!  I've been telling all my friends, pregnant or not, how great it is, how wonderful it smells and how its been clearing me up without drying me out.  Best of luck and thank you again for making my skin look and feel great!" - Kallie

"I started using Amalou during my second month of pregnancy when the hormones were really spiking.  I felt like a raging teenager again with my skin flare ups.  People always talk about the pregnancy glow but I definitely was not glowing!  The skin care line got my skin leveled out and back on track.  Thanks for everything and happy pregnancy!"  - Ashley

"I first heard about Amalou Skin from Tracy Anderson of the Tracy Anderson Method.  I'm so glad I gave it a try.  I have had acne all my life and Amalou products have worked on my combination skin without leaving my skin dry.  Amalou has cleared my skin of acne and given me a healthy, even glow.  The balanced blend of natural ingrediants is effective and safe to use.  I am a customer for life.  Thank you Amalou." - Sara

"I'm loving my Amalou.  My face feels so clean and I think my dark spots are disappearing. Maybe I should have done a "before and after" pic!" - Sue

"The products are exceptional.  The spray tingles your skin...the lotions feel like serums vs. heavier creams, but my skin absorbs and feels very supply and moisturized all day long.  Product line feels very soothing and not as harsh as my usual products.  I'm picky about skin products and surprised!"  - Chris

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! I was really struggling with my pregnancy acne, and this set helped immensely. My favorites are the wash, tonic, and treatment (I didn't use the moisturizer quite as much because I already use a sunscreen with moisturizer in it- but I still liked it and would wear it in the evenings, etc). I'm almost out and will definitely be reordering!!"  - Michael-Lyn

"I tried a few different pregnancy safe products in the months leading up to my pregnancy and within the first trimester. This line was by far the best. It was hard to give up my regular regime, but these products are not only safe, but they feel just as luxurious....and, they work! A perfect solution for skin that is still prone to breakouts but also starting to require some anti-aging treatments. My skin has never been better...I am considering using this product line even after I have my baby. Maternitique has proven to be a great source of this product, clearly caring about each client and their individual experience."  - Jennifer

"I am 3 months pregnant and have tried almost everything that I am allowed to use to rid my face of horrible hormonal acne and the only products that have worked are those sold here! Use as directed and you will see a difference!"  - Christina

"A long day can be very harsh on your skin with the environment and makeup all taking their toll. At the end of the day you just want to feel clean and to use something that you know will only help repair and restore your skin with moisture. This product has been amazing to moisturizing my face but also repairing the damage that I do have from previous breakouts as well as preventing new ones. I would highly recommend this product." - Kimi

"This toner saved my skin from horrible pregnancy acne when nothing else worked. I've been using it since the end of my first trimester and it is amazing! It also leaves my skin feeling really clean and refreshed."  - DRL

"I love this product. I'm on my 3rd bottle now. It makes my skin feel really clean. I found this line when I first became pregnant and I'm so glad I did. I started to break out in my first trimester and its really helped to keep breakouts to a minimum. I definitely recommend using it."  - Aly

"I am getting post pregnancy acne and this face wash is amazing! My skin was startling to breakout and I now looking very clear! Thank you for caring this fabulous product!"  - Danyele

"I am obsessed with this face wash. It smells so fresh and invigorating. The exfoliating beads are great, and it leaves your skin feeling very fresh and clean." - Julia


Rave Review // Pregnant Chicken

"Well, isn't it just the best stuff ever.  Holy crap did my skin look great!"

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Rave Review // JBabyThoughts

I fell in love with two samples I received from Amalou Skin.  When they ran out, and I went back to my regular cleanser, it didn't hold a candle to how the Amalou made my skin feel"

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Rave Review // Smart Mommy Healthy Baby

"After using Amalou Skin for one full week, I can say with certainty (and great satisfaction) that it is a fantastic skin care product line that will truly bring out the best in your skin!"

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Rave Review // Mommy and Me Giveaways

"It can be hard to find good quality skincare products sometimes and, even harder to find a great skincare line that doesn’t contain a bunch of junk and chemicals.  Harder still to find is a skincare line, without the chemicals that is actually suitable for use during pregnancy. Amalou Skin is that elusive skincare line that is perfect for every woman."

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Rave Review // Bluum Baby

"We absolutely love Amalou’s entire line and it is most definitely a top bluum pick for our wonderful expecting mamas!"

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Rave Review // CrushworthyMoms

"We are “obsessed” with how two moms created this wonderful product and company!"

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Amalou Giveaway //

The lucky winner was: Christa! Congratulations, enjoy using the Amalou skin care range.

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Amalou Giveaway // AListt Mom's "What to Expect"

The lucky winner was: Lisa W! Congratulations, enjoy using the Amalou skin care range.

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