Skin Care

During pregnancy many women will experience dramatic changes to their skin’s complexion. Not every pregnant woman will experience the same changes but there are many common skin conditions which most women will experience at least to some degree.

Rosy cheeks and shiny skin, often referred to as the pregnancy glow, is not simply an old wives tale. This change in complexion does have biological basis and is often visually noticeable by others. This change in complexion is a direct result of your body producing 50% more blood than average. This increase in blood circulation is made especially visible in the cheeks due to the high population of blood vessels located directly below the skin’s surface. The waxy sheen in the skin is a result of the pregnant woman’s body fluctuation of hormones which cause the oil glands in the skin to produce an abundance of oil.

Without a doubt the most common skin change which occurs to pregnant women is the sudden outbreak of blemishes. The breakouts of pimples are rarely as severe as those which are encountered during adolescence and will soon subside after pregnancy. The cause of the blemishes is directly related to the increase in hormone levels which cause your glands to produce an abundance of oil thus often resulting in clogged pores.

Another common skin change, which often occurs during the second trimester, is the sudden appearance of brownish or yellowish patches on your forehead, upper cheeks, nose or chin. This skin condition is called melasma, or chloasma and is often referred to as the mask of pregnancy. The reason for this condition is due to an increase in hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone which stimulate the melanin cells in the skin to produce more pigment. Unfortunately, because the melanin cells do not produce this pigment uniformly the result is the appearance of darker patches

Another change in skin complexion which often occurs during the second trimester is the darkening and increased visibility of the linea nigera. Barely noticeable before pregnancy, the linea nigera is a dark line that runs from the navel to the pubic bone. It is believed that this change is caused by an imbalance of hormones. Soon after pregnancy this line will fade back to normal.

The linea nigera is not the only part of the skin that may appear darker during pregnancy. Small moles, freckles or birthmarks that are normally barely visible often appear darker as well. The areola and nipples of the breasts often appear darker as well. Although most areas of your skin will return to their original color after pregnancy the areola will often retain their darker shade.

Due to the increase in hormones levels and blood volume, many pregnant women experience spider veins on their skin. Spider veins, aptly named due to the fact that they resemble a small spider web, often appear most visible on the skin of the face or the sclera of the eyeballs during delivery. This is due to the intense pushing which can result in the breaking of small blood vessels.

Some pregnant woman will experience heat rashes due to the combination of the body overheating, excessive perspiration, and friction caused by skin rubbing against itself as well as clothing. Heat rashes often appear as raised pimply patches and can be quite itchy as well as irritating. Heat rashes are most likely to appear in places that the skin naturally creases or rubs against itself.

A very small percentage of woman experience eruptions of pimples on their abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and extremities during pregnancy. These itchy, red and raised patches are referred to as pruritic urticarial papules and most often occur during the second half of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Products:

Amalou Skin® was founded by moms who experienced skin issues like blemishes and melasma during pregnancy, but couldn’t find pregnancy safe skin care products and decided to do something about it. Along the way, we gained a heightened awareness of ingredient-safety and put that knowledge into action with a team of experts who helped us create maternity safe skin care products that help women look and feel more beautiful, pregnant or not.

When used together, our maternity safe skin care products compose an effective skin-clearing regimen with none of the usual blemishes or melasma-fighting ingredients that may be contra-indicated during pregnancy-- but that are prevalent in facial care products. No benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids, hydroquonine, parabens, phlalates, sulfates, or fragrance – just great ingredients in a full line of pregnancy safe skin care products that will help keep your skin clean and hydrated while reducing the appearance of blemishes and discoloration.

Our line contains four pregnancy safe skin care products:

REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash, with tea tree oil, chamomile and azelaic acid

PRIME Detoxifying Tonic, which is Alcohol-free with natural antiseptics, antioxidants and azelaic acid

GLOW Balancing Moisturizer, with peptides, tea tree oil and azelaic acid

RESTORE Night Treatment, with azelaic acid and hydrogen peroxide

Our maternity safe skin care products were developed with the help of industry experts including cosmetic chemists, dermatologist & OBGYNs. 

We also observed independent environmental and consumer advocacy groups to help us select the best combination of ingredients for pregnancy.  All Amalou Skin maternity safe skin care products have been clinically tested in an independent, FDA registered laboratory for industry-standard tests. All of our maternity safe skin care products are dermatologist and allergy tested  and are safe for sensitive skin.