• Women looking particularly ravishing during pregnancy is not entirely an old wives’ tale. This desirable effect is often referred to as the pregnancy glow. Friends, family and often even complete strangers will comment on your new skin complexion, even though you may never even notice a change. The pregnancy glow is not a miracle but rather a direct result of changes that are occurring in your body due to the baby that is developing inside of you. During pregnancy your body produces 50% more blood then average. This increase in blood circulation through your body often results in your skin appearing brighter and cheeks rosier. Another factor that contributes to this change in complexion is due to hormonal changes that cause your oil glands to produce more oil thus leaving your face appearing shinier.

Unfortunately, this change in hormone levels and increase of oil production can often result in the unwelcome and very aggravating change of breakouts. While the skin problems during pregnancy is rarely as severe as that of adolescence, you may need to return to your teenage ritual of washing your face often. Fortunately, pregnancy is much shorter than adolescence and therefore the unsightly bumps and pimples will subside shortly after delivery.

In order to prevent breakouts during pregnancy, it is important to return to a strict routine of washing your face often but please do not return to using the same cleansing products of your adolescence. Stay away from medicated blemish creams due to the fact that many contain harmful substances that may increase the risk of birth defects. It is also recommended to avoid abrasive scrubs or exfoliants since pregnant skin is far too sensitive for these treatment options.

Pregnancy Conscious Blemish Products:

Amalou Skin® was founded by moms who experienced skin issues like breakouts during pregnancy, but couldn’t find pregnancy safe blemish treatment products and decided to do something about it. Along the way, we gained a heightened awareness of ingredient-safety and put that knowledge into action with a team of experts who helped us create maternity safe products that help women look and feel more beautiful, pregnant or not.

When used together, our maternity safe blemish products compose an effective skin-clearing regimen with none of the usual pimple fighting ingredients that may be contra-indicated during pregnancy-- but that are prevalent in facial care products. No benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids, hydroquonine, parabens, phlalates, sulfates, or fragrance – just great ingredients in a full line of products that will help keep your skin fell clean and hydrated while reducing the appearance of blemishes and discoloration.

Our line contains four pregnancy conscious blemish-fighting products:

REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash, with tea tree oil, chamomile and azelaic acid

PRIME Detoxifying Tonic, which is Alcohol-free with natural antiseptics, antioxidants and azelaic acid

GLOW Balancing Moisturizer, with peptides, tea tree oil and azelaic acid

RESTORE Night Treatment, with azelaic acid and hydrogen peroxide

Our pregnancy safe blemish treatment products were developed with the help of industry experts including cosmetic chemists, dermatologist & OBGYNs. 

We also observed independent environmental and consumer advocacy groups to help us select the best combination of ingredients for pregnancy.  All Amalou Skin pregnancy-conscious blemish products have been clinically tested in an independent, FDA registered laboratory for industry-standard tests. All of our products are dermatologist and allergy tested  and are safe for sensitive skin.