Meet the co-founders: About Ellie

After a 12 year career in advertising and a change of heart that led me into the wonderful world of non-profit, I now spend most of my time and energy raising my son and new baby girl. Along the way, I started consulting on a business idea that started the way most great businesses do...with a need that wasn't being met and a motivated person with the passion to change that. Kitty, one of my oldest friends from high school, college and far beyond, was steadfastly working on a line of maternity-conscious skin care products that she wished she'd had in her arsenal when pregnant and plagued with skin issues. 

At first, I helped as a friend and fellow mom. While breakouts weren't my issue, I experienced some skin discoloration and, becoming a mother a little later in life, more than my fair share of fine lines. I was blown away by the research, hard work and determination Kitty was putting into Amalou Skin..and in the visible improvement in my skin when I started using the line myself. So now, when I'm not being Mom, I'm being Kitty's business partner and co-founder of Amalou Skin.